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Sole Trader

As a sole trader our 'normal' cost is £195 per tax return needed. Unless……. You have multiple areas of income (rented house/houses etc.) or you are severely behind with HMRC and we need to 'un-pick' a couple of years or certain other situations. In this situation, everything can be sorted, so don't stay awake worrying about HMRC. Please talk to us on 0121 733 5807 or email info@gaffneyaccounting.co.uk. We don’t bite!

Just £195 per tax return!

(See above)

HMRC is closing in on undeclared income…

Talk to digicloud NOW and say goodbye to the sleepless nights! Let us help you get your accounts in order - it is better to do the right thing now, rather than wait for the knock on the door. We can give you the right advice and we can even speak to HMRC on your behalf.

Keeping the record straight!

We advise all sole traders to use either an expandable file or a lever arch file to keep all their paperwork together. Split everything into month order (Starting April and ending March). In each month the paperwork should consist of: Bank Statements, all expenses, all invoices or other income records, mobile phone statements, receipts for fuel or mileage records etc. Basically, put everything in and we will decide when the time comes if all or some of the documentation is relevant (meaning expenses).

Top Tips For Sole Traders!